Swiss Metal Alliance- Dispatches From Metal Suburbia


This weekend I’m supposed to be writing up an article on Nostromo for Broken Amp magazine, and preparing for my big Children of Bodom interview tomorrow. That is in itself unrealistic with four children running wild around the house. But I’m distracted by a little metal concert I attended last night, so I’m going to write about that instead. Partly an exercise in procrastination, mainly a tribute to three bands who are keeping the flame alive and doing what they love.

Versoix is an affluent suburb on the banks of Lake Geneva; a residential area where not much happens.  But last night its community entertainment venue, Les Caves du Bon Sejour, played host to the ambitiously-titled ‘Swiss Metal Alliance’. A group of Swiss bands- Deep Sun, Elferya, Headless Crown and others- are on a mini-tour of the country this spring, and I am an aficionado of random metal concerts in unlikely places. Plus, when there’s free metal happening around the corner from your house, it’s a moral duty to attend.

The venue seemed deserted from the outside, but the faint sound of operatic warbling over blast beats led me down into a basement where Deep Sun, a symphonic metal band from Solothurn, had just begun their set. I am not a fan of symphonic metal- it’s a bit of a cheesefest let’s face it- but Deep Sun’s vocalist Deborah has some serious pipes, and I was really impressed by her note-perfect performance. She worked the tiny crowd as if she was in a huge stadium, her stage gestures making full use of some magnificently toned biceps.

Unfortunately Deep Sun were beset by Spinal Tap issues; at one point the guitarist’s instrument stopped working, so he disappeared off and could be seen faffing about with cables at the back of the stage. The rest of the band did their best to cover for him with some extra forceful headbanging, but even a symphonic band needs a guitar. Where’s your sense of urgency man? Eventually he manoeuvred himself sheepishly back into place, and introduced some welcome guttural growls to the proceedings. Although the band do need to come up with a better lyric than ‘METAL!’ for him to shout repeatedly.

During the obligatory ballad, two youths wearing Obituary denim jackets held their lighters aloft, a poignant moment until they were told to switch them off. Oh you Swiss and your regulations.

So I’m still not sold on symphonic metal, but Deep Sun I salute you and hope this tour brings you success; I bought your t-shirt and will wear it with pride.


There was time for a quick people-watch before the next set, and what a strange mixture of listeners in that basement. There were metalheads of all ages who, like myself, had straggled along to see what could be gleaned metal-wise from a Saturday night in Versoix. There were plenty of Nightwish fans due to the symphonic bent of the night, a few goths, and a lot of confused looking middle-aged couples wearing cashmere and chinos, who had maybe wandered in after dinner in the next-door Chinese restaurant. There was a man in a Breton-striped jumper having a cup of tea in an armchair, and a couple of guys wearing suits, despite it being a Saturday. Perhaps they had confused Swiss Metal Alliance with an aluminium manufacturing conference. The Swiss earplug brigade were out in force; I am coming around slowly to the idea of earplugs, but seriously people, it wasn’t that loud.

Next up were Headless Crown, a classic metal band from Geneva. This was officially the most fun you can have with your clothes on in Versoix. Headless Crown, average age around 50, clearly grew up with the classic metal masters and their music is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden. They would probably have more financial success as a tribute band, but they stick doggedly, and admirably, to their own material, which is solid stuff. They were enjoying themselves so much that it was impossible not to get swept up. There was so much pointing- at the crowd, at each other, at their guitars; so many guitar faces, from the constipatory to the orgasmic; so much guitar-swinging, back-to-back playing, running about the stage. I would love to know what their day jobs are, with those haircuts; indeed their diminutive drummer, who wore Nicko McBrain style cycling shorts, had the most absurd hair I have seen in many years.

Their best track sounded as if it was called ‘Satisfy Myself’; how wonderful and Steel Panther-esque to have a serious metal song about wanking. So I was disappointed when I realised towards the end that it was probably called ‘Searching for My Soul’.


All five members of Headless Crown are excellent musicians who could easily have held their own in a much bigger band, which led me to muse on the vagaries of fate that brought them here. Lead guitarist Ced’s solo to ‘Reach Out For The Light’ was nothing short of miraculous, and he had a beautiful guitar tone. In fact, whoever was in charge of the acoustics at this tiny venue did a great job.

Headless Crown you were wonderful, and I want to be in your band! If you ever need a new guitarist….

Finally the main act of the night was ‘power and melodic’ metal band Elferya. Again, not my type of music unfortunately, but it was great to see such a determined young band, who have put a huge amount of thought into their image and stage presence. They have a beautiful violinist who gives their music a rich and distinctive character, and having already shared stages with the big symphonic names, including Epica and Eluveitie, they may be one to watch for the future.


So- although Swiss Metal Alliance is obviously not a true representation of the Swiss metal scene, it’s a lot of fun, and there are worse ways to spend an evening. Support your local metal!

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