Welcome to Mëtal Mäma!

I’m Catherine, I’m a metalhead mum-of-four, and this is my blog. I write gig, album and book reviews, plus stupid stuff about learning to play guitar and trying to combine my metal obsession with good parenting. I trained as a classical pianist so I sometimes waffle on about the musicology of metal as well.

For the past year I’ve had the privilege to write for Broken Amp magazine, and you can find my articles here:  http://brokenamp.com/author/catherine-metalmama-fearns/

In Jan 2018 Broken Amp was taken over by PureGrainAudio, so from now on most of my metal stuff will appear there. You can also find my writing, metal and otherwise, in Here Comes Everyone, Offshoots, Metal Music Studies and Noisey.

My first novel, Reprobation, will be published by Crooked Cat Books later in 2018. It’s a crime thriller about Calvinism, genetics and – you’ve guessed it – metal.

I love to hear from fellow metalheads, especially other metal mamas, so please drop me a line!